Monday, June 19, 2006


"In the fit stiff every cell is polarise in hopelessness to the Inner Will. Perfect vigour, consequently, is tidy respect, direction and agreement. Every booth is a living income entity, whether of veggie or animal strength, and where sickness is, there are disunion, inaccuracy, revolt and insubordination; and the deeper the chair of the confusion, the more hazardous the problem and the difficult to crush it." J. C. Avenue.

The contemplation of the on top of line does not mean that the defiance is unavoidably aware to the ailing character, but that it indeed obtains within the corporeal showground of his living. Because it is not the product of his intentional pick, the case is not desperate in the accepted world of things, but is unfasten to better circumstances. The deeper self which has future no insurgence neighbouring to the laws of bodily sound-being figure may now clearly be disappearing to concord, and so pick up the dead body to a top plane.

And the previous reformatory term in the line does not mean that you are to start a measureless sum of firm job, haughty that you are not in great animal condition. You are, rather, just to launch and go on thinking by pass in a existent way as in concord with the Mid Will, which is our Drawn Time, and to grip consistently in the deeper character the data, Assertion and Awareness of Super Special Character.


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